Our planet is so vast and glorious and some many different places one can visit. One of those interesting and must-see place is definitely Vietnam and its top tourist attractions, which are truly fascinating. All you need to do is to make up your mind to visit this outstanding country and to buy a plane ticket, right? This is where you are wrong. You need a Vietnam visa, which is called Vietnam Visa on Arrival, and you can get it on your entry to Vietnam.

This kind of visa is the same as the one that would be issued by the Vietnamese embassy in your country, although it is cheaper but still has all the legitimate conditions like the one from the consulate. While planning your trip to Vietnam and before leaving, you should get a letter of approval that will cost you cca. $20 and this letter of approval will be a proof for obtaining a visa upon your arrival at the Vietnam airport. VOAs fee can vary from type to type and you are the one to decide which type of visa would be most appropriate for your visit to Vietnam.

The cheapest Vietnam Visa on Arrival is $45 and it is paid to the Immigration Department on the airport.

This kind of visa allows you to stay in the country for one month, or 30 full days and the fee of the visa in non-negotiable. All other visa types, which include a longer stay, are much more expensive and you should know that before planning your stay in Vietnam.

There are online services that can get your Vietnam VOA online; however, you need to pay additional service which is cca. $8, depending on which type of visa you desire and whether you are travelling alone or in a group. You can get tips and tricks on the services websites and you can get informed on all you question or have doubts about. Some of the websites are recommended by many experienced travelers – myvietnamvisa.com or vietnamvisapro.com and even vietnamvoa.com. You are to choose your own service.

There is one bad thing about this VOA system and its that it can be really slow and annoying. However, during non-tourist periods, where there is no bigger crowd and chaos, one can obtain a VOA in a matter of minutes and pass the Immigration department in no time.

Get your cheapest visa and enjoy Vietnam!